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Portrait c.1989

1love.com grew out of Sapien Kin Gallery which went live online on November 5th 1994, making it the very first art website in the UK, well before the big guys like The Barbican and The Tate.
  HTML written by me in notepad, (there were no web-editors let alone designers or developers back then) on my 286 with 650 MB hard drive, upgraded to 20 MB of RAM for delivery over a 33.6 modem.
(How times have change!)
  It would have opened sooner had I been able to attain any form of backing, but every conversation back then would have to start with an explanation of what the internet/world-wide-web is, followed by blank looks.
  In 1998 I registered the domain name "1love.com" initially intending it to become an online community, (PHP3 & MySQL, again written by me in notepad, although I'm clearly not a programmer, math was the only O-level I had to resit so guess I had something to prove to myself and I enjoyed the challenge,) an extensive site including free @1love email addresses, profile pages, image uploads, chat rooms, forums, etc. etc.
  Incidentally, several years before the events depicted in David Fincher's film "The Social Network (2010)" (Privileged white boys & their lawyers arguing over who had the idea first!)
  It picked up several hundred members (sorry guys) and proved robust enough to require very little of my attention for about 20 years, until the web-host updated to PHP8 and I basically had to re-write the whole thing again.
  Having kept it ad-free the whole time (with zero backing),
I decided to simplify and make it my personal site which you see today.

"We have had our last chance. If we do not devise some greater and more equitable system, Armageddon will be at our door."
~ Douglas Macarthur (1880-1964)
from the Speech "2nd September, 1945"